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Rental Housing Needed

By Ryan Hinckley in Holmes Road Church of Christ about 7 years ago | 623 views Link:

A friend of Rachel’s is in need of a rental house asap.  She is financially stable and Rachel can vouch that she would be a good tenant.  She is in transition and would need to pay rent month to month, and she needs a place that allows for her dog.  It would be ideal to find a landlord who is a Christian.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  You can call Rachel at 901-359-1081.

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Rachel Hinckley

Additional info on my friend. She is able to sign a lease if required but would be grateful for a month to month situation as she may need to move quickly.

Judy Wasson

Does she need a whole house or would a roomate situation do?

Ryan Hinckley

Judy, she is looking for her own place at this time.  Thank You

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