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Prayer Request for Safe Travel

By Becca Lloyd in Holmes Road Church of Christ over 6 years ago | 651 views

Please note Amari, my mother and I in your prayers. We are traveling to Tx for a funeral early Friday Morning. We won’t make it back to Memphis until Sunday Evening.  Would you also pray for the Browning family for comfort and peace of mind during the dealing with the passing of mother Opal.

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Glenn Hawley

I will certainly keep you and yoiur family in my prayers.

Johnny Edwards

Jan and I will pray for you. Safe trip

Ralph Richardson

Kay and I will be praying for you and your family.

Tarlisha Cooper

Me and my family will pray for traveling grace,and a safe return.


Beverly Johnson

We will keep you and your famil as well as Ms. Opal’s family in our prayers.  Be safe…

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