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By Judy Wasson in Richardson Care and Share Group over 5 years ago | 487 views

I found out today that Josh may have an opportunity to upgrade his class and get a job “outside the fence”. This would be a great way for him to get restarted, and may allow him an earlier release. He is excited but apprehensive as oftentimes ADC does not follow through on things they discuss with prisoners. Please pray that things fall togther for him this time.


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Ralph Richardson

I will pray that Josh can get a job outside. Ralph

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Beth Richardson

Certainly am praying Judy.

Glenn Hawley

I will keep him (and you) in my prayers.

Becca Lloyd

This sounds like a great opportunity for him, I am praying as well!

Pat Hughes

the family is praying 4 the best. Continue 2 hang in there.

Albert Cook

I’m praying for Josh, too.  

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