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Winter Blues

By Becca Lloyd in Holmes Road Church of Christ almost 6 years ago | 444 views Link:

I’ve been having an especially tough time this winter with the winter blues. Grey Skies, gloomy weather, wind, cold, rain, sleet, etc you name it, it brings me down … way down. It sucks the happy right out of me …. This year seems worse than others.

I ask for prayers on this because I feel my resolve to fight this is shrinking, and that is the last thing any christian should do. I ask that I don’t lose My gratefulness and capacity to rejoice. This wicked world needs us on the ready at all times! and if I’m drowning in my own private pool of depression, I can’t focus on serving in a capacity that pleases God. The Spirit can’t guide me if I can’t listen.

I follow a blog that really blesses me through it’s subjects. I am particularly touched by a prayer I saw on it, and thought maybe it would be a assistance to someone else. It helps me to read this daily, and focus on it. I hope passing this on serves someone else as well.


Dear Father in Heaven, Praise be to Your Name in All the Earth! Thank you for the years of Good Health you have given, and for walking me through the times when I have been ill or faced with physical problems. I pray that I, and every Christian, will always be mindful of the fact that our BODIES ARE THE TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. We want to keep ourselves clean, pure, and as healthy as possible, for we need to be good examples and have good testimonies before others. We need to honor you and your Spirit through our bodies, as well as our minds and actions.

Please give us wisdom and knowledge of the right things to eat, the right ways to exercise, and motivate us to do what we must to stay in physical and emotional shape, and be healthy. So often we get busy and have so much to do, that we do not make time to take care of our bodies.

Open the door, give us the desire, and show us the way. May we take care of what you have given us. In the name of the Savior I pray, amen.

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Ralph Richardson

Thanks for sharing the prayer. You are an encouragement to me.

Tarlisha Cooper

Rejuvenating Rebecca,my sister in Christ.It’s only the 2nd month in 2013! :-)It. rains on the just and unjust…It’s what you do with the words in your study time;that makes the difference in every area in your life.I can encourage you cause I experience many gloomy days, but I CHOOSE not to allow the enemy to devour my day that the Lord has given sis.Fear is only FAITH twisted Be encourage and keep labouring soon you’ll give birth.A wicker chair is twisted and wickedness is always trying to take over our minds and bodies. KEEP PADDLING!!! Hope this help at least a little.Find something Rebecca enjoys without family sometimes.Tarlisha loves you with the Love of Jesus.

Tarlisha Cooper

Read Mark 4 when you have time.

Becca Lloyd

Thank you Tarlisha. It’s hard to explain. My faith is not shaken, but, i am weary of feeling this way.

Jordan Marsha Dyer

I appreciate your posting this, Becca.  It’s been a tough, dreary winter for me too.  I’ll remember you in my prayers. 

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