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Mission Trip to Uganda

By Andrew Lydia Taylor in Holmes Road Church of Christ over 4 years ago | 665 views Link:

Our family will be traveling to Uganda, East Africa, in December and will be there for six weeks.  We will be visiting family and friends as well as looking into possibilities for future long-term ministry.  We would appreciate your prayers as we make preparations and raise funds.

We will be sending out updates through Facebook, Twitter, and Email for those who wish to follow us along our journey.  We also have a special project for which we are gathering donations.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.  God bless!

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Monika Rose Grundy

We will miss you guys so much! Glad you let us know now so I can prepare my mind.

Andrew Lydia Taylor

Thanks Monika! And praise God that we just now found out that we received a donation that will cover the cost of our special project! He is faithful!

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