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Survey On April 28th Prayer Service

By Becca Lloyd in Holmes Road Church of Christ over 5 years ago | 399 views Link:

Morning All! Thanks to those that participated in the Prayer service last Sunday Evening. I really enjoyed it, and I hope others enjoyed it as well.

I could use your help. Can you please fill out this online survey annonymously, so we can get an idea of how to plan for future services?

Or you can call me and talk if you prefer. 901-482-5121 cell.

It would be appreciated if you could fill this out by next Friday, May 3rd at midnight.

Survey is open to everyone, whether you attended or not.

Thanks in advance!

Rebecca Lloyd

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Glenn Hawley

I want to echo Rebecca on this one. We had some positive feedback last night, but I would really appreciate ideas about how we could make future prayer services even better.

Johnny Edwards

Thanks, Rebecca for encouraging this. I Just wanted to say that I thought the service was excellent and well thought out.  I thought the group size of 3 or less worked well.  Glenn’s leading us  made the process very natural. I came away blessed by having participated and would like to see us do it again at a later date.

Becca Lloyd

Morning all! I am leaving the survey up a another week. If you could, please fill out the survey. Copy and paste the following into your browser:

Please fill out whether you you attended or not. Thanks so much!


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